Fujifilm has had some great success over the past few years with it’s X series of compact system cameras (CSCs). The combination of fantastic image quality and eye-catching retro design has resulted in a series of cameras which have gained multiple awards and fans throughout the digital photography world.

While the majority of the manufacturer’s cameras are targeted at the more advanced photographer, the X-A1 arrived as a more entry-level proposition thanks to its lower price point. The X-A2, as you might expect for the X-A1’s successor, follows much the same trend.

Features on the new camera include the classic rangefinder styling of its predecessor, a 16MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor and Fujifilm’s EXR processor.

Other, more entry-level-friendly features include an LCD screen which can pivot around the top horizontal axis to face the front, and thus face the person in front of the lens… perfect for capturing selfies.

The question posed, therefore, is whether or not the X-A2 is a camera solely for the entry-level photographer, or whether in fact there’s something for the intermediate photographer as well.

You can check out what the camera is capable of in this Fujifilm X-A2 sample image gallery, and find out the full verdict in our Fujifilm X-A2 review.