Build and handling

This lens is both shorter and thinner than the original 18-270mm, extending just 88mm, making it little larger than most standard 18-55mm zooms. It also weighs just 450g (100g lighter than its predecessor) thanks to the newly designed motors and smaller form.

The zoom ring takes up most of the body, with a lightly rubberised grip, and the focusing ring sits at the front of the barrel.

The focus ring has only a small rotation, which helps maintain fast AF speeds, although with such slight movements needed it is more difficult to focus manually. Clearly this is a lens designed primarily for AF operation.

Although it has a long extension, the zoom extends smoothly but with a satisfying amount of resistance. Lens creep isn’t an issue (at least as new) when left unlocked. The lens feels pleasant to use and is seemingly uncompromised by its smaller size.

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