Ultra Wide and Fisheye Converters

28mm with fisheye converter on camera

The converters are perfectly-matched to the lens cosmetically, but the fisheye is bit front heavy

What makes the Sony FE 28mm f/2.8 lens really stand out is its compatibility with two purpose-designed add-on lenses, the 0.75x Ultra Wide Converter and the 0.57x Fisheye Converter. These fit onto the bayonet-type hood mount, clicking firmly into place, and are released via sprung, sliding switches on their barrels.

Both adapters have the same standard of construction as the lens, with aluminium-alloy barrels and splash resistance. When attached, they give the impression of being almost an integral part of the lens, although the Fisheye Converter in particular feels quite front-heavy.

Also, both adapters have built-in petal hoods, and cleverly designed caps to fit over them. There’s no way of using filters with them, but this is only really a problem with the Ultra Wide Converter, as fisheye lenses never accept filters. The converters also come with rear caps, which fall off far too easily.

28mm f/2 and ultra wide converter

The ultra-wide converter is well-matched to the lens, and released by this sliding switch on the barrel

A sensor in the 28mm lens detects when a converter has been attached, and passes this information on to the camera. This allows it apply the requisite lens corrections, and identify use of the adapters in the image files’ Exif data, which are recorded as FE 21mm f/2.8 and FE 16mm f/3.5 fisheye. From this you can see that the maximum available aperture is limited with each, and Sony says that this is to maintain image quality.

The focal length information is also used by the Alpha 7 II’s in-body image stabilisation system to work correctly.

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