Samsung NX300 review – The competition

Both Sony and Samsung compact system cameras are APS-C format. By price and specification, the Sony NEX-6 is the most similar to the NX300. There are some excellent four thirds-format CSCs in this price bracket, too, such as the Olympus Pen E-PL5.

With 20.3 million pixels, the NX300 outresolves the 16.1-million-pixel NEX-6 and Pen E-PL5. All three cameras are of a compact style, with the NEX-6 the only one with a built-in viewfinder. The E-PL5 has an accessory port for an optional EVF, but the NX300 offers neither. All have tiltable rear LCD screens, with the E-PL5 and NX300 being touch-sensitive. The E-PL5 does not have built-in Wi-Fi, but it does have a compatible external unit. All three cameras are small and light, with the NX300 the lightest and the E-PL5 the smallest.

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