The RODE Wireless ME is a compact wireless microphone set designed to meet the needs of vloggers and content creators. It comprises a transmitter and receiver unit with microphones on each, plus a full set of connection cables.

RODE Wireless ME at a glance:

  • $149 / £155
  • One transmitter and one receiver, with built-in omnidirectional microphones
  • Intelligent GainAssist for audio balance
  • Audio cables for cameras and smartphones
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery – up to 7 hrs battery life
  • 100m range

Sound plays a huge role in the quality of a video, so it’s common practice for videographers to use external microphones to improve their audio. Knowing which type of microphone to get depends on your needs and budget. Wireless microphones are ideal when you wish to record a presenter talking without much interference from ambient sounds, and become especially useful when they’re some distance from the camera.

The Wireless ME, RODE’s latest addition to its range of wireless microphones, claims to be just such a product for today’s vlogger and content creator.

RODE Wireless ME traansmitter and receiver

RODE Wireless ME traansmitter and receiver

RODE Wireless ME key features:

  • Dual microphone set: At almost half the price of the RODE Wireless Go II, this microphone set comes with one transmitter and one receiver, each weighing 32g.
  • Cable connection: The set comes with four cables – USB-C, a Lightning cable for iPhones, a 3.5mm TRS cable for most cameras, and a 3.5mm TRRS cable. Together they make the microphone set compatible with a wide range of cameras, smartphones, and computers.
  • GainAssist: This aims to level the audio so there is consistency and balance between the two microphones of the transmitter and receiver. It has 3 settings – Dynamic, Auto or Off. You can also adjust the sound level manually between Low, Mid or High.
All the cables and accessories that come in the RODE Wireless ME box.

All the cables and accessories that come in the RODE Wireless ME box.

The Wireless ME set uses Rode’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption. Both the transmitter and the receiver have a built-in microphones, which means the person operating the camera can also record their audio, for example with an interview. The microphones have a specified frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz.

The transmitter promises a maximum range of 100m and each unit has a clip that can slide onto a camera hot shoe or be attached to clothing. You can also pair another RODE wireless mic (which means you’ll have 2 transmitters and one receiver), or plug in a Lavalier mic using 3.5mm TRS port on the transmitter (the receiver does not have this port). This is a good option for those that prefer a less conspicuous look, as opposed to clipping the RODE-branded black box onto your clothing.

RODE Wireless ME

RODE Wireless ME clips on easily, just like to RODE Wireless GO II

All the microphone settings are accessed using the RODE Central smartphone app, which requires plugging the receiver into your phone. Here you can switch the receiver’s microphone on or off, as well as choose how the audio tracks will be recorded. You can also use the app to update the firmware of the microphone set and adjust the GainAssist settings.

Use the RODE Central App to control settings for your microphone set.

Use the RODE Central App to control settings for your microphone set.

The ME Mic setting in the app controls the microphone on the receiver (which will normally be attached to the camera). When this is switched ON, it allows for dual audio recording from the receiver as well as the transmitter. Switch this OFF when you just want to record audio from the transmitter.

The two audio files can be recorded either as individual tracks in ‘Split’ mode, or stored as a single track using the ‘Merged’ mode. Recording the audio files separately allows for more flexibility when editing.

RODE Wireless ME paired with the Sony A7 III

RODE Wireless ME reciever placed on a Sony A7 III

I used the RODE Wireless ME with the Sony Alpha A7 III, and found that it delivered clean sound, especially with the use of the windshields included in the box. I had no connectivity issues using the microphone set within the recommended range of 100m, and you can move around and even have your back to the camera without the signal dropping out.

Unfortunately, the lack of a display screen means you cannot tell the battery level while recording. Also, any time you want to change the settings, you have to connect the receiver to the RODE Central app on your phone. This means you need to remember to carry the right cable with you. However, once everything is set up, it is easy to use and it produces good quality audio.

In comparison, the slightly more expensive RODE Wireless GO II Single kit has more buttons for controlling gain, pairing and channel selection, and includes a useful status display on the receiver. However, the Wireless ME set offers two mics – one on the receiver and the other on the transmitter. This trade-off gives vloggers and content creators more value if they need that second mic.

Our Verdict on the RODE Wireless ME

The RODE Wireless ME is a compact wireless microphone set that’s a good choice for content creators and vloggers who need to record people talking to camera. Being able to record using both the transmitter and receiver means you can conduct interviews with good audio from both the guest and the interviewer behind the camera. Once you master how to adjust the settings on the RODE Central app, the mic is easy to use. Just remember to keep an eye on the battery level using the app, as there are no indicators on the microphones.

Amateur Photographer Recommended 4.5 stars

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