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This clever flat strap is quick to remove from your camera while leaving no dangling attachment loops behind. It’s also very easy to adjust in length for different carrying styles.
  • Quick & easy to attach
  • Easily adjustable length
  • No anchors left on your camera when the strap is removed
  • Only a single adjustment fastener
  • No lock on the plastic clasps
  • Width may be to narrow for heavier kit

The Qimera Gear Flat Strap is a user-friendly and adaptable camera strap that is designed with ease of attachment and removal in mind. It’s compatible with most cameras, mounting directly onto cameras with bar-type strap lugs as the loops (or ‘pigtails’ as Qimera Gear calls them) slip though easily. With cameras that have smaller lugs, for example those typically seen on Fujifilm and Sony cameras, it should be attached via the split ring that is usually supplied with the camera.

Qimera Gear Flat Strap attached to Fujifilm X-S20
The Qimera Gear Flat Strap attached to a Fujifilm X-S20. Credit: Angela Nicholson

Qimera Gear Flat Strap at a glance:

  • £49.99/$63.99
  • Quick connecting
  • Dyneema loops
  • Screw-close clasp
  • Nylon webbing
  • Adjustable length (93-152 cm)

With this design, Qimera Gear is aiming to challenge Peak Design, whose range of straps such as the Peak Design Leash is justifiably popular. However, their use of Anchor Loops to attach them to a camera has a couple of drawbacks. In windy conditions, for instance, they tend to flap around and create slight vibrations and a noticeable clacking noise. This can be particularly bothersome for videographers as the sounds are recorded in the audio. Also while the Anchor Loops are simple to remove, they can be fiddly in practice.

Qimera Gear’s solution to this problem is clever and practical. The attachment mechanism employs Dyneema loops, which stay attached to the strap when it is removed, rather than on the camera. The loops are threaded through the camera’s strap lugs and then hooked onto a plastic clasp that then screws closed. This makes the strap quick to attach and detach.

Qimera Gear Flat Strap Dyneema loops attached to camera
The Dyneema loops simply slop through your camera’s strap lugs. Credit: Angela Nicholson

Qimera Gear Flat Strap key features:

  • Dyneema loops: The Dyneema loops that attach the strap are said to be stronger than steel
  • No anchors: There are no loops or anchors on the camera when the strap is removed
  • Wide compatibility: The Qimera strap works with both split-ring and bar-type camera strap lugs
  • Quick attachment: It only takes a few seconds to attach or detach the strap

While the plastic lacks the aesthetic charm of metal, it avoids the likelihood of scratching your camera during use. The clasps are easy to open and close, however while I didn’t experience any accidentally release of the loops during my testing, I’d prefer to have the reassurance of a locking mechanism.

Qimera Gear Flat Strap with clasp open
Here you can clearly see the hook that the Dyneema loop attaches to. Credit: Angela Nicholson

Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel of comparable weight, so the loops are a reliable mount for the strap. Should you need or prefer them, Qimera Gear provides an extra pair of red loops that can be swapped for the fitted black ones with the help of a 1.5mm Allen key. While the loops are effective and easy to use, they look a little unconventional.

The main part of the strap is made from a silky webbing material, which feels strong and is comfortable on your shoulder or across your body. However, as it’s only around 25mm (1 inch) wide, it’s not ideal around your neck for carrying a heavy camera. On the other hand, its flexibility and lack of bulk makes it easy to stuff into a bag.

Qimera Gear flat strap length adjustment slider
A single slider is used to quickly adjust the strap’s length. Credit: Angela Nicholson

The strap also has a single sliding fastener that allows quick and easy length adjustments, ranging from 93cm to 152cm. This flexibility makes it suitable for various body types and shooting styles. For example, you can quickly convert it from neck strap to a cross-body sling strap.

How to fit the Qimera Gear Flat Strap to your camera

After slipping the strap loop through the camera lug, simply unscrew the plastic clasp to reveal the hook. Slip the loop over the hook and pull down so the Dyneema sits in the recesses on either side of the hook, allowing the knurled clasp cover to be pulled down and screwed tight.

Qimera Gear Flat Strap attachment loop
Here the Dyneema loop is hooked into place on the clasp. Credit: Angela Nicholson

Qimera Gear Flat Strap: Our Verdict

The Qimera Gear Flat Strap is thoughtfully designed and addresses the slow attachment and detachment issue of standard camera straps, without the clacking problem associated with Peak Design’s Anchor Loops. Its robust Dyneema loops and adjustable length make it a practical and reliable choice for photographers and videographers alike, although the unique design is unconventional in appearance.

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