Peak Design Tech Pouch at a glance:

  • 2L capacity
  • 16 internal pockets, 1 large external pocket
  • Weather resistant
  • 24x15x10cm (WxHxD)

If you’re fed up of not having enough storage space for your camera essentials, or maybe find the pockets in your camera bag don’t offer sufficient protection, a dedicated pouch to keep all your accessories safe and secure in one place could be the answer.

Not to be mistaken with Peak Design’s similar looking Wash Pouch, the Tech Pouch is an organizer that’s designed for anyone who owns a modular bag, or the kind that has an a spacious open compartment, and wishes to store cables, everyday gear, or travel essentials neatly together.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

The tech pouch measures 24x15x10cm and holds an impressive amount of kit for its size

Peak Design Tech Pouch key features:

  • Colour: The tech pouch is available in black, sage green, bone, midnight blue and charcoal colours.
  • Shape: The tech pouch holds its shape extremely well and sits upright when it’s fully packed or empty.
  • Durability: The exterior zippers are water resistant just like the exterior to prevent rain and moisture creeping inside.
  • External pocket: This pocket is the perfect size for smartphones, passports or folded documents you might need to access quickly.

Made from nylon canvas that’s weatherproof and easy to clean, the pouch features a 270-degree zipper path that allows it to be opened widely. On the inside you get origami-style pockets, some larger, some smaller to separate accessories, as well as a hidden central zipper pocket with four elasticated sleeves that’s an ideal place to store spare memory cards.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

The quality of the pouch is excellent. It has a high-durable feel and is made to last

Heavier items such as batteries and chargers are held in the pockets securely so there’s no fear of them ratting around or damaging smaller, more fragile accessories. There’s even the option to pass a charging cable through from a portable USB power bank housed inside the pouch to the large external side pocket.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

The Tech Pouch has plenty of room for day-to-day accessories such as cables, straps, chargers, portable battery packs, memory cards and more

The two hoops behind the large external pocket can be used to turn the pouch into a small day bag – the type you might like to throw over your shoulder to carry a small point and shoot compact camera and a few general items, or a larger fixed lens compact and any small accessories.

To use it for this purpose you’re required to attach a quick connector anchor link to each loop before clipping it onto one of Peak Design’s sleek camera straps. The ultralight Leash, or versatile Slide-Lite are two examples that cost £30 and £37 respectively.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

You can pass a charging cable through from a portable USB power bank housed inside to the large external side pocket

The only other feature yet to be mentioned are its carrying handles. These are useful for grabbing it from a larger bag. By sliding your hand and thumb into the bottom handles you can hold it comfortably, and stretch it open to reveal the contents inside.

Also consider

As well as offering a range of everyday and travel bags, Peak Design produces a variety of other organisers for anyone who’d like to tailor their bag to their requirements. As well as the Tech Pouch, there’s a Wash Pouch (£44) for toiletry needs, a Shoe Pouch (£19), a Field Pouch (£30) that can be used as an ultralight sling bag and a Range pouch (£26-£33) that provides access to a spare lens from your hip.

Peak Design Tech Pouch: Our Verdict

If the accessory pouch that came with your camera bag isn’t sufficient, or you fancy a bigger one that keeps all your camera-related bits and pieces neatly organised, I’d highly recommend this example.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

There’s a hidden central zipper pocket with four elasticated sleeves that’s an ideal place to store spare memory cards

It’ll serve photographers on the go extremely well, but have a measure up first to make sure your camera bag can store it as it’s larger than I expected.