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This NiSi X100-series UV filter, lens hood and cap set is beautifully made and looks the part too. However, it does block a large proportion of the camera’s optical viewfinder.
  • High quality build and finish
  • Works well with a 49mm polarising filter
  • Looks great on the camera
  • Gives weather-sealed combination with X100V and X100VI
  • Hood blocks large fraction of the optical viewfinder
  • UV filter can sometimes be subject to flare

This NiSi X100 series UV Filter, Lens Hood and Cap Kit is exactly what it says on the box. Designed for use on all Fujifilm X100 series cameras, it includes a protective ultraviolet (UV) filter, a square lens hood, and a push-on cap. It costs £79, which makes it cheaper than Fujifilm’s own alternative, but more expensive than other third-party offerings.

NiSi X100 series UV Filter, Lens Hood and Cap Kit at a glance:

  • £79
  • 49mm thread adapter with integrated UV filter
  • Push-on square lens hood
  • Push-on metal lens cap
  • Available in silver or black

Without doubt, the Fujifilm X100VI has been the biggest hit camera of 2024. The X100 range has always been very desirable, and the latest model reinforces that with a 40MP sensor, in-body image stabilisation and subject-detection autofocus. This all comes wrapped up in a gorgeous retro-style body with a unique hybrid optical-electronic viewfinder. Oh, and it takes fabulous pictures, too.

One quirk of the X100 design has always been that, to keep the camera as slim as possible, the lens doesn’t have a filter thread. Instead, it requires a screw-on 49mm adapter. And while the two most recent X100 models boast weather-resistant construction, the front of the lens still moves back and forth for focusing. This means you need to screw a UV filter over the lens for full sealing.

Fujifilm’s own solution to this is somewhat vexing. You can buy a ‘Weather Resistant Kit’ with a UV filter and adapter for £100, but it doesn’t include a hood. For that, you’ll need to buy a hood and adapter set for £75, and then add the UV filter for a further £75. It’s no great surprise that third-party makers are coming up with a vast array of alternatives.

The kit comprises a UV filter, a push-on metal hood, and a cap. Credit: Andy Westlake

One intriguing option is this three-piece kit from NiSi. It combines a high-quality UV filter and 49mm thread adapter into a single unit. Screw this onto an X100V or X100VI, and you should get a fully weather-sealed setup. A suitably stylish metal lens hood then snaps on top, with its own push-on cap.

NiSi X100 series UV Filter, Lens Hood and Cap Kit key features:

  • UV filter: A high quality nano-coated ultraviolet (NC UV) filter is integrated into a screw-on 49mm filter thread adapter
  • Push-on hood and cap: The hood simply pushes into place, with no lock or means of alignment. Its rectangular cap then pushes on top
  • Works with original cap: Fujifilm’s original cap for the X100-series cameras fits directly onto the UV filter
  • Fits all X100 models: This kit fits all generations of Fujifilm’s X100 series cameras. It’s available in either silver or black to match your camera

NiSi UV Filter, Lens Hood and Cap Kit in use

The first thing you notice about this kit is that it’s really nicely made. The filter mount, hood, and cap are all finely crafted from metal and fit together well. The satin finish of my silver kit is a decent match to the silver X100VI – however different camera generations are subtly different in this regard.

The NiSi UV filter and hood set is a really nice match to the Fujifilm X100VI. Credit: Andy Westlake

I was worried that, because the hood is held in place purely by friction, it might get accidentally knocked off all the time. But that hasn’t proven to be the case. Instead, it’s easy to fit but holds on surprisingly tightly.

There’s no way of ensuring the hood is mounted perfectly square, though, so you just have to align it by eye. Thankfully it doesn’t vignette at any angle.

Here’s a closer look at how the three parts of the kit fit together. Credit: Andy Westlake

The cap does come off much more easily, though, so I’d be tempted to use a 49mm centre-clip cap instead. Alternatively you can push the original X100 lens cap over the UV filter.

One real advantage of NiSi’s design compared to most other X100 hood kits comes when using additional 49mm filters. You simply pull off the hood, screw on the filter, then push the hood back on again. There’s enough space to poke in your finger and rotate a polariser to your desired angle.

The X100VI’s original lens cap fits snugly onto the NiSi UV filter. Credit: Andy Westlake

There are a couple of drawbacks, though. As is often the case, the UV filter can occasionally  be prone to flare with oblique sunlight. So you need to look out for this and shade it with your hand if necessary.

Photographers who use the camera’s optical viewfinder (OVF) will also find that the hood blocks a large fraction of the lower right corner of their view.

If you use the optical viewfinder, the hood will block much of the lower right quarter of your view. Credit: Andy Westlake

NiSi X100 series UV Filter, Lens Hood and Cap Kit: Our Verdict

This is a nicely made kit that looks great, fits together nicely, and generally does its job well. Initially it looks expensive compared to alternative adapter/hood sets, but perhaps not so much when you factor in the cost of a decent UV filter. It’s a good choice if you primarily shoot using the LCD or EVF, but it’s best avoided by OVF users.

Amateur Photographer Recommended 4.5 stars

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