Nikon wowed us when it introduced the Coolpix S1000pj, which was the first camera to include a built-in projector. A year on, with other manufacturers apparently uninterested in offering such a feature, its successor, the Coolpix S1100pj, remains one of a kind.

During this time there have been clear and further steps towards image sharing through Wi-Fi and social networking, which suggests that this is the way we will display images direct from a camera in the future. However, the fact that Nikon has persisted with its pj compact camera series implies that the company considers projection to be a viable alternative for image sharing.

We found that packing two technologies into such a small device as the original S1000pj had its inevitable downsides, but Nikon has evidently taken stock of feedback about this model and made changes across the board in functionality and projector, video and image quality. Also, with an initial RRP lower than that of its predecessor (despite the rise in VAT), it seems the S1100pj is a reasonable and viable camera and projector option.

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