‘Photometry’ is the name of Fuji’s metering system, which offers spot, centre or evaluative metering, the latter being made up of 256 segments. We have used this system before, and as I expected, the XF1’s multi-segment metering is geared towards print-ready exposures. This can mean that highlight areas are overexposed and top highlight detail is lost. Dialling in -0.7EV when shooting in auto or semi-manual exposure modes can be worthwhile in order to preserve some of these details.

For precise metering on a given subject, the handling of spot metering is intuitive and it can be accessed directly via the E-Fn menu and one of the rear buttons. The spot is linked to the AF mode, and can be positioned over most parts of the frame. The spot can then be set to one of five sizes, the largest being a thankfully modest size, while the smallest is very precise.

Image: A dark exposure was needed here for the dramatic sky. Brightening the exposure +2EV shows detail is present in shadow areas, but so too is luminance noise 

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