Canon EOS 70D review – White balance and colour

As you would expect, colours produced by the Canon EOS 70D are excellent. There are five basic image styles, and unlike those in other cameras each has a specific use, which warrants their inclusion. There is also an automatic setting that applies what the camera thinks are the optimum settings for the specific scene, as well as three user-definable settings.

Each of the colour settings can be adjusted to taste, which is particularly handy when using the monochrome image style. As well as being able to adjust the sharpness and contrast of this style, a coloured filter effect can also be applied for sepia, blue, purple or green filter effects. As a result, you can fine-tune the look of black & white images to your personal taste. I chose to use the red filter effects and increased the contrast and sharpness slightly to produce dramatic black & white images.

The auto white balance setting also works well in a variety of different lighting conditions. Under tungsten light it gives quite clinical results, while the tungsten setting itself leaves a hint of the amber tungsten light in the image. If you aren’t shooting raw and wish to get perfect images straight out of the camera, there is the option to adjust the white balance settings slightly, as well as to shoot a series of bracketed white balance images.

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