More Prime Sale news: we have found discounts of up to a gargantuan 59% on a number of SanDisk, Lexar and Samsung SD and microSD memory cards. Exciting stuff- you could even say it’s raining memory cards!

There is quite a range available in terms of memory, prices, and types of memory cards for enthusiasts, professional photographers and videographers alike. But hurry- you only have until midnight today to cash in on these deals. Take a look below to see some of our picks.

Prime Sale SanDisk Memory Card deals:

128GB SanDisk Memory Cards:

256GB SanDisk Memory Cards:

Prime Sale Lexar Memory Card deals:

32GB Lexar Memory Cards:

128GB Lexar Memory Cards:

256GB Lexar Memory Cards:

Prime Sale Samsung Memory Card deals:

128GB Samsung Micro Memory Cards:

256GB Samsung Micro Memory Cards:

Search for more deals…

These are just some of the deals available until midnight today but don’t forget to do your own searches on Amazon Prime if you’re looking for deals on specific products. Good luck!

*Disclaimer, we earn affiliate revenue on these links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use these links.

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