David Noton travel cityscapes at night

Magic Fountain & the National Park at night. Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain. Credit: David Noton

1. Cityscapes at night

David Noton


“The prime time for shooting cityscapes is when artificial illuminations match the twilight sky after sunset. That balance is key, and endlessly variable. Much of it depends on how bright the city lights are: the brighter they are the earlier we can shoot. Sometimes I like the sky to be a deep blue with the artificial lights appearing bright and dominant. Other times I like to shoot earlier with a brighter sky retaining the last mauves of sunset, and with the unobtrusively discernible city lights below.”

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Matt Parry travel timing

Combine the blue hue of the sky with street lights. Credit: Matt Parry

2. Timing

Matt Parry


“Dawn and dusk are the most photogenic times for shooting cityscapes. Cities that are bustling during the day can be calm and tranquil during the pre-sunrise glow of dawn. Early morning is the perfect time to capture iconic sights free from tourist hordes.”

Ken Kaminesky travel use focus peaking

Credit: Ken Kaminesky

3. Use focus peaking

Ken Kaminesky


“One of the best features introduced in today’s mirrorless models is focus peaking. This feature allows you to manually focus your lenses to near perfection. Focus peaking detects the highest contrast areas of the scene and highlights them with a bright colour of your choice. The more pronounced the colour, the more in focus the area is.”

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