[Photo credit: Adam Lloyd]

Organised by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers, The Great Outdoors Photography Competition pulled in more than 320 entries. Adam, who lives in Harrogate, says he used a Nikon D810 DSLR with a 24-70mm lens for his winning image, which was captured at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire.


The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers have announced the winners of The Great Outdoors Photography Competition.

For this competition photographers were asked to submit any images like landscapes, seascapes, panoramas, underwater or whatever your creativity captures in this all embracing photographic competition.

Adam Lloyd from Harrogate, England, was chosen as the winner from over 320 images entered into the competition. Adam tells us. ‘I captured the image at a place called Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire at 1.30pm in the afternoon, using a Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70, ISO 100, 24mm, F/10, 1/250s.’

Adam has won 12 months’ membership to the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP). Phil Jones, the Society’s CEO says, ‘The competition had a very high standard which made judging very difficult, the range of entries was very broad and we have seen everything from beautiful scenery to seascapes and everything in between. We enjoy viewing all the images entered and we are looking forward to another bumper crop of images entered in to the All Things Great and Small Photography Competition.’

The runners-up Manweli Azzopardi and Freddy Enguix have both been awarded 6 months’ membership to the SINWP photographic organisation.

Here are the winners:

1st place – Adam Lloyd https://sinwp.com/gre/1st.htm
2nd place – Manweli Azzopardi https://sinwp.com/gre/2nd.htm
3rd place – Freddy Enguix https://sinwp.com/gre/3rd.htm