Like the Trioplan 100mm project last year, the 50mm lens should deliver a ‘soap-bubble bokeh’, according to German brand Meyer-Optik.

It is on course to debut in January next year after around 350 backers pledged more than $200,000 – with 33 days left before the fundraising deadline.

The 50mm f/2.9 is expected to be an ‘ultra-compact’ and versatile lens for uses including street photography, portraiture and macro work.

It will feature an ‘innovative’ front focusing element that is set to open a ‘whole new horizon of creativity’.

The movable front element is designed to cut the minimum focusing distance to less than 30cm and raise the image ratio to 1:4.

‘Carrying a heavy amount of lenses is something that most photographers choose to shed at some point, but they do not want to cut back on their creativity,’ states Meyer-Optik.

‘We give you the best of both worlds in one lens… [at] only 200g, it has never felt so light to be this well prepared.’

Kickstarter backers will be able to buy the lens for $449.

The Trioplan 50mm f/2.9 lens is due to carry a full list price of $1,299.