Sony says its decision to reveal ‘basic specifications’ for the E-mount used in its NEX cameras ‘opens the way’ for Sigma, Zeiss, Tamron and Cosina to make compatible lenses and mount adapters.

In a statement issued earlier today, Sony said: ‘These basic specifications will be disclosed to manufacturers of lenses and mount adapters following a predefined process of approval and the signing of a license agreement with Sony.’

It added: ‘Users of Sony’s NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-VG10 [camcorder] and other E-mount compatible Sony digital imaging products… will be able to use interchangeable lenses from both Sony and various other manufacturers, while they will also be able to attach non-Sony lenses to their Sony digital imaging products via a mount adapter.’

Among the firms endorsing the move is Tamron which told Sony: ‘We aim to offer our customers new solutions and photo-shooting enjoyment through the manufacture and sale of E-mount lenses.’

Sony says it will not charge third parties a fee to access details of its E-mount system.