Sony shows Alpha 700 replacement at CES ? more information

Sony USA is showing a prototype DSLR at the CES show that it says represents the forthcoming replacement body for the now very long-in-the-tooth Alpha 700 high end enthusiast camera. Michael Bubolo, the national DSLR trainer for Sony Alpha, told Amateur Photographer that details are still not finalised, but that the camera would probably be launched this year (2011) and that it would definitely use the translucent mirror technology introduced in the Sony Alpha 33 and 55 cameras at the end of 2010.

The new model however will feature a ?substantially better? electronic viewfinder. Bubolo was also able to confirm that Sony?s priority for this coming product will be high ISO settings ?up into the hundreds of thousands?. The body shell will be made from magnesium alloy and the finished product will be priced in the same area as Canon EOS 60D type products. The current A700 uses an APS-C sized sensor, and Bubolo told AP he expected the replacement to do the same ? with ?rumours? suggesting a resolution of 25 million pixels.

Bubolo was keen to point out that the specification is not finalised yet and that all details are subject to change, including the shape of the body itself.

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