UK consumers snapped up 426,000 SLRs in 2013, compared to 100,000 CSCs, according to figures released to Amateur Photographer by market research firm GfK.

Demand for SLRs declined 11% on the previous year.

CSC sales appear to have peaked in 2012 when 146,000 units were sold over the 12 months.

Total UK cameras sales fell 28.4% in value terms in 2013, with SLRs down 21%, CSCs falling 31% and compacts 33%.

The UK notched up £535.1m in total camera sales, compared with £747.7m a year earlier.

In 2013, 3.1m cameras were sold, compared to 4.5m in 2012 – a drop of 31%.

Changeable-lens camera sales – made up of CSCs and SLRs – fell 16% in volume and 22.8% in value.

Units sales of compact cameras plummeted 34%.