Sigma has announced a new wide-angle Art Lens to add to its ever expanding high-performance Art lens series, designed specifically for high-sharpness.

The company says that the lens is specifically targeted towards high-resolution cameras of 50 megapixels and above, such as the Canon EOS 5DSR, as the lens achieves ultimate sharpness.

Lens design comprises of three FLD glass elements, three SLD glass elements and three aspherical lens elements, including one 80mm high-precision moulded glass aspherical element.

Boasting near zero distortion and minimal chromatic aberration, flare and ghosting, the lens also offers a constant f/2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range, with Sigma claiming that it delivers optical image quality at every focal length and shooting distance.

As well as the high image quality of the Art series, the lens also features Sports line level dust and splash proofing with a special sealing at the mount connection, manual focus ring, zoom ring and cover connection, making the lens ideal for using in less than favourable weather conditions.

The new 14-24mm lens will be available in a variety of mounts, including Canon, Nikon and Sigma, as well as being compatible with Sigma’s MC-11 Sony E-mount converter. The Nikon mount features a brand new electromagnetic diaphragm, whereas the Canon mount is compatible with the Canon Lens Aberration Correction function.

Along with announcing the new Art lens, Sigma has also announced a new “Front Conversion Service”, whereby the petal-type hood of the 14-24mm f/2.8 lens can be converted to a exclusive round component. This altered front structure means that the lens can be deployed with greater freedom in multi-camera VR videography, as well as preventing the lens from interfering with other lenses or from casting a visible shadow.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the lens, or the Conversion service, but the expected shipping dates for the Canon, Nikon and Sigma mounts is March.