If you’re thinking of investing in a new mirrorless camera this could be your lucky day. Nikon has slashed up to £180 (€200) off the price of its Z system cameras and lenses. There’s no forms to fill in and send off – the price is deducted at the till at the point of purchase.

Jake Cundy, Commercial Director at Nikon UK says: “After a successful introduction last year, we’ve brought our Instant Savings promotion back for 2020 – fully exclusive to the Z Series. The outlook for Z Series is looking very positive and will continue to develop and inspire creativity in photography. As well as allowing current Z Series customers to get access to big discounts, our Z Deals promotion will give them the ability to grow their existing collection, as well as allowing those that are either new to photography to step into a fully approachable system or existing DSLR customers to discover mirrorless. The aim is to make Nikon mirrorless attainable and our Instant Savings promotion will allow additional opportunities for this.”

The amount of saving applied depends on the product, and the promotion runs until 19th July. A full list appears in the table below. For more details visit www.nikonpromotions.co.uk