Samsung is in talks with its DSLR partner Pentax about when to launch another GX camera onto the market.

A high-ranking spokesman for the South Korean-based firm said: ‘We are in serious discussions with Pentax. We can’t decide ourselves so we are talking to our partner.’

In an interview at PMA in Las Vegas, Samsung also made clear its plans to focus on the ‘hybrid’ camera sector where it predicts the largest demand.

Though it has not ruled out making another DSLR, the spokesman said it would be ‘very difficult’ to take DSLR market share away from major manufacturers.

Samsung also stated that it does not plan to use technology from its NX ‘hybrid’ camera to make its own DSLRs, independently of Pentax.

‘We have no plans at the moment to extend [the NX technology] to digital SLRs,’ said the spokesman.

The firm also confirmed that it will not be launching a Samsung version of the Pentax K-m digital SLR, citing a potential conflict with the NX camera it hopes to launch this year.

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