Insurance firm Photoguard reports a 88% rise in 30-34-year-olds taking out specialist photographic insurance over the past five years.

The internal study – drawn from Photoguard data relating to more than 10,000 people – found that these photographers own £5,748 worth of camera gear.

The results also show a rise in young people investing in photography – with a 39% increase in 20-24 year-olds taking out specialist insurance from 2007-2012.

Cameras are insured for an average of £1,108 with accessories such as lighting, tripods and lenses adding an extra £1,192 to the total value of insurance cover.

Commenting on the findings, Photoguard boss Adrian Scott said: ‘Our data suggests camera phones do not cut it for everybody and an increasing number of photographers are prepared to kit themselves put with more expensive professional gear.

‘Many people become more established in their careers when they are in their thirties.

‘The boom in people taking up photography in this age group could therefore be down to them having higher disposable incomes and more money to spend on luxury activities compared to those people in their twenties.’

Separately, yesterday we reported that almost 11% of enthusiasts said they had ditched their compact camera for a mobile device, according to a report by the Photo Marketing Association.