Camera Test ChartAmateur Photographer (AP) is giving away a free camera test chart with its issue dated 16 April.

Do you know the exact focal length and aperture to use, to ensure your zoom lens is at its sharpest?

And how do different images styles affect the colour and contrast of the images your camera produces?

What is the largest aperture you can use without vignetting becoming an issue?

Knowing all this information can help make sure you get the best images possible with your particular camera and lenses.

Free with next week’s AP is an exclusive camera and lens testing and calibration chart, launched in association with Ricoh.

By following the simple instructions featured in the magazine you will be able to find out valuable information about your camera and lenses.

This will help you when deciding what focal length, aperture and image style to select – to help you create better images in camera, and save time when editing your shots.

It may even help you decide whether to upgrade to a better lens. On the other hand, you may be surprised by just how good your existing camera equipment is.

Don’t miss out. Next week’s AP goes on sale on 12 April.