From the shores of Delhi to the fields in Reykjavik, the National Graphic Travel Photographer of The Year 2017’s People category presents are wondrous snapshot of human life and the world we inhabit. Now that the contest is closed for entries so we decided to share some of the standout images from 2017.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Jérôme Gence

Tide Fighter – Photo and caption by Jérôme Gence

A young boy playing in the river niger by fighting the tide helped by a rope.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Hiro Kurashina

A Popular Rendezvous Spot in Tokyo – Photo and caption by Hiro Kurashina

Two young ladies and two men stand waiting on the side of a decommissioned train that used to carry thousands of commuters and other passengers daily between Shibuya and Sakuragicho. The decommissioned train now serves as a Tourist Information Centre just outside the Shibuya train station in Tokyo. The spot has also become a favourite.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Yogesh Gupta

Holy Bath – Photo and caption by Yogesh Gupta

Yamuna river is most polluted when its flow in Delhi, its too muddy and full of filth. Yamuna is second most sacred river after Ganga. People took holy bath in as they feel its very sacred. Numbers of Siberian Sea Gull comes here in winter. They give the place a new dimension for few months. Here a local man took his daily bath in Yamuna river.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Mauro De Bettio

FREE RIDERS – Photo and caption by Mauro De Bettio

Taj and Akash they travel every day from station to station with their mother bagging to make a living. Train surfing is not without risk, even if dangerous and illegal, is a common form of transportation in Bangladesh. People have suffered electrocution, severed limbs, falling onto the tracks and colliding with tunnels. However, this can not stop them and jump onto moving trains running away from the police bamboo sticks become daily routine.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Mathias Kniepeiss

Stift Rein IX – Photo and caption by Mathias Kniepeiss

Stift Rein – The oldest active Cistercian monastery in the world. The monastery in South of Austria was built 1129. It has amazing facilities and rare treasure from different time periods. It contains, among others, a calendar table from Johannes Kepler and a original Luther bible from 1569. The library contains more than 100.000 books, incunables and manuscripts. The basilica is one of the most beautiful and impressive churches in the world and has been built between 1738 and 1766.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Nick Jamison

Eye Of The Storm – Photo and caption by Nick Jamison

After a magical night dive in Costa Rica, our guide took us to a local rodeo for some fun. We came across a familiar, nausea-inducing carnival ride similar to “Twister” rides in the US. Yet the unfamiliar tradition of chicken-in-the-middle was most entertaining as a local boy dominated all competition.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Joseph Chung

You Shall Not Pass – Photo and caption by Joseph Chung

In this photo, a wall of riot police block an exit inside Gwanghwamun station during an anti-government protest in Seoul, South Korea in an attempt to control the flow of people joining the protests outside.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Eduard Gutescu

The Shepherd from Transylvania – Photo and caption by Eduard Gutescu

On the Carpathian mountains in the region of Bran village i found this authentic shepherd. His name is Nea DAN. It was a real joy to listen to his life story as a shepherd.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Thomas Kokta

Monks and People Praying, Thailand – Photo and caption by Thomas Kokta

A large gathering of monks and faithful for prayers. Thailand.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - Glen Thomson

Sunset jump, Stone Town, Zanzibar – Photo and caption by Glen Thomson

Stone Town is a muggy place during the rainy season, so when the tide is a right, large groups of young men gather at the water’s edge to jump and dive into the cooling Indian Ocean. Often they’ll jump 5 or 10 people quickly in a row, barely missing each other as they splash into the water.

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