Main Specifications

Guide Number: 20 max. (at ISO100/m). Manual setting: Full, 28 max. (at ISO200/m). Manual Setting: Full

Discharge angles: 70 horizontally (78 with wide-angle panel), 53 vertically (60 with wide-angle panel)

Focal-length coverage: covering angles of view for 28mm lenses (in 35mm format). 24mm angle view covered with wide-angle panel

Flash interval and battery life: Approx. 4-second interval, approx. 300 full-level discharges (with alkaline batteries)

Flash modes: (1) P-TTL modes (TTL corrective auto flash, contrast-control auto flash); (2) TTL modes (TTL auto flash); (3) M modes (manual, Full)

Flash range (in P-TTL, TTL modes): (1) film speed coupling range: ISO100-ISO1600; (2) Illumination range: 0.7m-3.6m (at G.N.20, ISO100, F5.6); (3) Illumination range: 0.7m-5.0m (at G.N.28, ISO200, F5.6)

Flash exposure compensation: -0.5Ev, -1Ev

Power source: (1) 4 AA-size alkaline batteries; (2) 4 AA-size lithium batteries; (3) 4 AA-size Ni-MH batteries

Dimensions (H x W x D): 68mm x 83.5mm x 93mm (2.7? x 3.3? x 3.7?)

Weight: 190g (6.8 oz) without batteries