OM Digital Solutions has announced firmware update version 1.1, which was released today for the OM System OM-1 camera and is designed ‘to support current and future OM-1 owners.’ 

Besides adding full recording capability of Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI for the new OM-1 with the ATOMOS Ninja V and the ATOMOS Ninja V+[1] recorders, this update will correct minor performance issues that may occur.

An OM Digital Solutions spokesperson told AP, ‘This release will also address the EVF Frame rate issue previously reported.’

That refers to the ‘freezing camera’ issue that OM Digital Solutions admitted it was set to fix, which occurred when shooting with the camera’s EVF frame rate/fast refresh set to ‘high speed’.

OM Workspace before firmware

Before updating to firmware version 1.1, customers must first download and utilise the most recent version of OM Workspace (Windows Version 2.0.2; Mac Version 2.0.1)[2].

The OM Workspace download can be accessed from OM Workspace image editing software.

You can then download firmware version 1.1 from the OM Digital Solutions website.


[1] Support for the OM-1 paired with the ATOMOS Ninja V and Ninja V+ will also require a firmware update from ATOMOS, which is currently scheduled for on 24 May 2022.