Olympus has revealed why it wanted to see the manuscript of a soon-to-be-released book written by accounting scandal whistleblower Michael Woodford, ahead of publication.

A spokesperson for Olympus Tokyo told Amateur Photographer: ?It is true that we requested to review the manuscript before its publication.

?The main reason was to confirm if there was any need to request protection of confidential matters.?

Amateur Photographer had sought Olympus?s response to a report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that officials asked to see a copy of the 320-page book?s contents from Woodford?s lawyer.

Woodford (pictured) told the WSJ that his lawyer refused permission for Olympus to get a first look.

The Japanese version of the book, to be entitled Terminated, is due to be published in Japan on 16 April.

An English edition ? to be called Exposure ? is expected later this year.

To read more about the book, which is set to document one of Japan?s largest corporate scandals, click HERE.

[Picture credit: C Cheesman]