Nikon has revealed to Amateur Photographer that it has increased prices on ‘all imaging products’ and that this ‘new pricing will apply to all new orders that ship after 1 April 2022.’  

However, despite using the phrase ‘all imaging products’, there are certain Nikon imaging products that have been excluded from the prices rises – these include the flagship 45.7MP Nikon Z 9 mirrorless camera, sport optics, accessories and other ‘certain new products’.

The news comes just a week after Fujifilm confirmed up to 60% price hike on its films.

Nikon has admitted that, ‘we have had to increase our prices as a result of increased component parts and logistics costs. We have explored all options to absorb these, however, regrettably we have to increase costs to maintain production.’

The exact amount of the Nikon price increases has yet to be confirmed but if we get any further information on that we’ll update this article with any specific increases.

The Fujifilm Provia and Velvia colour slide films could go up in price by 60% from 1 April 2022

Global semiconductor shortage

The admission by Nikon of price rises is not a surprise, given that factors such as the global shortage of semiconductors that could cause photographers to face equipment shortages in 2022, difficulties with procuring key parts, the ongoing impact of the the Covid pandemic and hugely inflated shipping costs are all impacting on the overall cost of first making and then delivering technology products around the world.

Imaging companies have previously told AP that they would seek to absorb the impact of the price rises in component parts.

For example, earlier in 2022, Leica UK’s managing director, Jason Heward, told us, ‘We have seen a many-fold increase in the price of components but have largely managed to absorb these so far. The outlook for the next six to 12 months is still challenging and it’s unlikely that we won’t have moments when we are unable to meet customer demand. We will plan for these as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.’

Proposed price increases

AP has recently contacted all of the major photographic equipment companies for clarification about if they have any current plans to raise prices on equipment and, if so, what are the factors that have caused the need to increase their prices.

We will bring you any news of proposed price increases on any photographic equipment as soon as we have it.

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