Nikon is set to launch the D800 as the successor to the full-frame D700 DSLR (pictured) early next year, if online details of a D800 handbook are to be believed.

The 320-page D800 handbook will be published on 9 February 2011, according to an entry which appears to have been posted on an Amazon page.

Written by Jean-Baptiste Guges the book is entitled Obtenez le maximum du Nikon D800, which loosely translates as ?getting the most from the D800?.

Details of the 17x21cm book, published separately, suggest that the D800 will carry a 24-million-pixel sensor (double that of the two-year-old D700) and will cost between Euros 2,000 and Euros 2,500.

However, any such online postings should be treated with caution. It remains unclear as to why the upcoming launch of a handbook would appear more than three months before the suggested launch date of the camera.

A Nikon UK spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer: ‘Unfortunately we can’t comment on potential future product.’

It appears that the relevant website links were taken down within minutes of Amateur Photographer exposing them.

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