Modern mirrorless cameras are small, versatile and equally adept at stills or video – just like the Rotolight NEO 2. That’s why the multi-award-winning baby Rotolight is the perfect portable light for today’s creative image maker.

The what-you-see-is-what-you-get benefit of flicker-free continuous LED lighting is ideally matched with today’s high resolution electronic viewfinders, especially when you can simply dial in your preferred colour balance to complement the ambient lighting as you can, uniquely, on the NEO 2.

The colour filter pack is fantastic for adding some creative colour to your shots, like this portrait by Josh Edstedt

For portrait photographers shooting at wide apertures the 2000 lux output (at 3ft) should be plenty bright enough for most needs but if you do need more power it has the unique ability to turn into a high speed sync flash, with up to 500% extra increase in brightness and absolutely no recycle time – perfect for the high speed burst modes of many modern cameras. The NEO 2 will even work out the correct exposure for you in True Aperture Dimming mode – though if you’re shooting with a mirrorless camera you could also set it by eye.

It’s no wonder that successful photographers like Solomon Williams and Josh Edstedt swear by the Rotolight NEO 2 to create striking portraits both indoors and out.

The adjustable output of the NEO 2 makes it easy to balance with ambient light. Portrait by Josh Edstedt.

If you shoot video as well as stills then the NEO 2 becomes a no-brainer as a portable light that fits in your camera bag and can cover all your shooting needs. You can add pizazz to your videos with the built-in CineSFX creative special effects, including fire, candlelight, lightning and TV flicker. Or enhance your lighting with one of the 10 colour filters in the optional filter pack – which you get free with the Black Friday deal.

Solomon Williams used a blue gel from the optional colour filter pack to add some creative colour to this moody portrait

The NEO 2 is truly portable, weighing just 500 grams and being small enough to fit in a camera bag. Powered by six AA batteries you can get 85,000 flashes or two hours of continuous light on a single set.

With the NEO 2 you can adjust the colour temperature of the LEDs from 3150K to 6300K to create the mood you want. Solomon Williams went for a warm tone in this shot

The NEO 2 Black Friday deal includes the foam grip and filter pack.

The NEO 2 Black Friday deal includes the foam grip and filter pack.

Tempted? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can save a whopping £70 off a NEO 2 bundle this Black Friday. For just £272.99 you’ll get:
• A NEO 2 light – worth £299 on its own, and comes with:
– an accessory belt pouch
– a pack of diffusion filters
– a mains cable and PSU.
• a luxury foam grip with ¼” male stud, worth £17.99
• a pack of 10 additional colour filters, worth £23.99

Photo by Josh Edstedt, using Rotolight NEO 2

Find out more about the NEO 2 Black Friday offer here

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