Picture credit: Tony Cork

Tony Cork from the United States triumphed over 18,000 entries in a competition that sought images summing up the summer.

It was organised by Scoopshot, a service for buying and selling images captured using smartphones.

Tony said he captured the winning photo, which shows his son and granddaughter playing in the sea, using a Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone and the Scoopshot app.

‘When I entered the competition, I didn’t think my photo would be a winner, but I thought it was pretty cool and people should see it,’ said Tony, a self-confessed ‘mobile photography convert’.

Photographer Yuri Arcurs, who judged the contest, said: ‘Tony’s photo stood out from all the others as a brilliantly saved moment in time.

‘It captures the spirit of on-time, on-the-spot imagery, and shows the immense potential mobile photography can provide.’

Tony said his passion for photography began when he was involved in capturing close-up shots of failed electronic devices used by the military.

Yuri Arcurs added: ‘Shots like these are highly suitable for the press or even brand promotion, when there is a need for authentic and realistic content.

‘With such images being possible from mobile devices we are seeing the birth of a new era.’