The Pixi series now includes the Pixi Evo (priced £44.95), which features two different leg angles and is built to be capable of supporting devices weighing up to 2.5kg. The table-top line also now includes two new models designed for action cameras and smartphones: The Pixi Xtreme; and Pixi Smart – both costing £29.95. For further details visit

Press release
London, 5 October 2015

Manfrotto, the world leader in equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry is pleased to announce the new PIXI EVO.

A brand-new mini tripod joining the PIXI family, it is a lightweight, portable solution for enthusiast and hobbyist photographers looking for an extremely versatile, sturdy support for larger lenses. PIXI EVO has a rich feature set that provides flexibility of use, robustness and great variety of framing.


The PIXI EVO tripod boasts 2 different leg angles with a sliding selector, enabling users to shoot ground level images. It’s adjustable, two section legs feature 5 different steps adapting the footprint to uneven surfaces. Passionate photographers can now take their low light, landscape and architecture pictures with the maximum stability.


Set your inspiration free with PIXI EVO thanks to the ability to tilt the camera 90° to capture incredible images, whilst still ensuring great stability and precision for accurate pictures.
PIXI EVO supports a wide range of devices up to 2.5Kg/5.5lbs so photographers can easily use longer and larger lenses for their shoots. Thanks to the Adapto and aluminium construction, the mini tripod remains extremely lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere without ever feeling cumbersome.

Prices from £44.95

Press release
London, 5 October 2015

Manfrotto, the world leader in equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry has announced the launch of the PIXI Xtreme and PIXI Smart – two new version of the PIXI, expanding the popular PIXI range.

The embodiment of unique design and made of stainless steel and Adapto, the PIXI guarantees top quality and a tactile finish. Its solid construction ensures a secure base and comfortable handle in any situation. Both the GoPro® adaptor and the Universal Clamp are also available as standalone accessories so that anyone who has a ¼” thread support can make use of them.

The PIXI Xtreme consists of a special version of the PIXI with custom graphics in a kit with a GoPro® tripod mount adaptor. The perfect choice for sports enthusiast, traveler photographers and videographers wanting to capture their passion in action.

PIXI Smart is a kit featuring a black PIXI and a universal smartphone clamp, aimed at all smartphone users who take spontaneous pictures.


Action camera lovers and smartphone photography addicts can record their unique moments in all kinds of shooting situations thanks to the PIXI Smart and PIXI Xtreme. The new kits ensure great flexibility and ease of use in any type of circumstance.

Sharing sports experiences and unforgettable trips with the rest of the world has never been so easy: everyone can now frame all those special moments through their action cameras or their smartphones thanks to their new companion. The PIXI Xtreme and PIXI Smart features double functionality: they work as a stable holder and can also be used as a comfortable ergonomic grip to capture great videos, take selfies and incredible images that stand out from the crowd.


Weighing a mere 191g and supporting a payload of up to 1kg, the PIXI is only 18.5cm long when closed, meaning it is the perfect size to accompany you anywhere.

Prices from £29.95

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