With the exception of Quantum of Solace, Kleinman has created the opening credits for every James Bond film since GoldenEye, including the latest, Spectre.

Not only this, but he is behind some of the most memorable adverts on British television, and the two worlds met recently when he created the Sony ‘Made For Bond’ TV advert, starring none of than Moneypenny herself, Naomie Harris.

Our colleagues over at The Video Mode recently sat down to talk to Daniel Kleinman about what it is like working with Sam Mendes, the pressure of shooting the opening titles, shooting on London’s busy Southbank and what advice he would give to young filmmakers.

‘Think of the story first, then think of the technique that is going to bring this story to life,’ said Kleinman.

‘I do have quite a lot of freedom. I have autonomy to do the things I want. I come up with the ideas myself and it gives me a lot of creative expression.’