The news has snuffed out any glimmer of hope for the cash-strapped firm which declared itself insolvent last year with ‘all scenarios still open’.

Around 130 factory staff were laid off in December, after which the firm continued to sell off stock.

Speaking today by phone from the company’s base in Marly, Willems said the firm has now ‘stopped trading altogether’.

Willems explained that, following the appointment of administrators, the first meeting of creditors took place on 31 January.

Administrators plan to oversee the liquidation of Ilford Imaging Switzerland, he added.

‘There is interest in keeping the brand and portfolio alive,’ said Willems, though he conceded that it is not yet clear whether a buyer will be found for the business.

Willems declined to comment further and the administrators had yet to respond to a request for comment at the time of writing.

• Ilford Imaging Switzerland is totally separate from Ilford Photo which is based in the UK and is unaffected (Ilford Photo is the trading name of Cheshire-based Harman Technology which makes traditional b&w photographic papers and film).