Google has released three new apps which aim to help photographers make the most of their smartphone cameras – Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies.

The apps have been launched as the first part of a new Google series called ‘appsperiments,’ which uses experimental technology to improve mobile photography.

Developed by the team at Google Research, in collaboration with other teams, the apps are available to download now.

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A Google Research spokesperson said: “Each of the world’s approximately two billion smartphone owners is carrying a camera capable of capturing photos and video of a tonal richness and quality unimaginable even five years ago.

“Until recently, those cameras behaved mostly as optical sensors, capturing light and operating on the resulting image’s pixels.

“The next generation of cameras, however, will have the capability to blend hardware and computer vision algorithms that operate as well on an image’s semantic content, enabling radically new creative mobile photo and video applications.”

The ‘appsperiments’ were inspired partly by the Motion Stills app, which converts short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses.


Credit: Google

This app transforms videos into a single page comic layout, which the app automatically designs based off of the video uploaded. It is available on Android.


Credit: Google

This aims to improve selfie photography with an automated function which takes black and white images every time you stop moving and pull a pose. The session can be started and ended by tapping the screen and then users can review the images taken. Selfissimo! is available on both iOS and Android.


Credit: Google

Scrubbies allows users to adjust the speed and direction of video playback. This lets users create video loops alongside replaying moments. The app is available on iOS.

Google is encouraging users to try out the new apps and give feedback via the in-app links.

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