The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year contest is back, and celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since 2011, it has attracted 70,000 entries from over 80 countries across the globe, and AP has been a notable media partner. The competition also launches a new category this year, the Claire Aho Award, to celebrate celebrate women in photography. Also marking the tenth year of the contest is the launch of the Ambassadors’ panel which includes the celebrated chef, Ferran Adria, President of elBullifoundation.

The judging panel is again headed by food photographer, David Loftus, who has worked closely with Jamie Oliver. Fellow judges include Fiona Shields, Head of Photography, Guardian News & Media, Susan Bright, Writer and Curator, Nik Sharma, Cookbook Author and Photographer, Francis Hodgson, Professor, Culture of Photography and Rein Skullerud, Head of Photo Unit, World Food Programme.

Zay Yar Lin’s image won the Bring Home the Harvest category last year‘

“Entering this competition a few years ago totally changed my life and has forged a very successful career for me in food photography,” says Donna Crous, a 2020 finalist from the UK. “This is THE gold standard for food photographers.” Full details of the competition, which closes for entries at midnight on February 7, 2021, are here.