The digital version of Amateur

Photographer dated 8 February 2014

is available now!

Callum McInerney-Riley tests a selection of the best
softboxes designed specifically to be used with hotshoe-mounted flashguns

Professor Bob Newman describes how raw files are produced
and processed

We take an in-depth look at the latest photo products at the
world’s biggest electronics show in Las Vegas, USA

James Whitlow Delano’s black & white reportage
photography aims to highlight the plight of others in a timeless manner, as he
explains to Jade Lord

Landscape photographer Mark Banks explains how he was
battling tricky conditions on the Isle of Arran when he saw the chance to
construct an abstract shot

This week’s issue:

  • Fujifilm unveils 16.3-million-pixel X-T1 compact system
  • Olympus launches OM-D E-M10 CSC with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Ricoh phases out
    GXR system
  • Hasselblad to launch 50-million-pixel, CMOS-sensor, medium-format

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