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Photographer dated 14 June 2014

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Richard Sibley takes a first look at the Pentax 645Z with
51.4-million-pixel, medium-format-sized CMOS sensor

Callum McInerney-Riley reviews six of the best camera bags
for compact system cameras

In this six-page guide, we’ve suggested 30 essential tools
that will not only help you capture great images, but will also help you take
better shots, allow you to share them with others and keep them safe

If you’re looking for one lens that features a focal length
for any photographic occasion, Tamron’s 16-300mm 18.8x zoom might be the
answer. Damien Demolder tests a lens with one of the widest focal ranges on the

Professor Bob Newman on how to capture movement in a

Do you need to own an expensive top-of-the range camera to
take a winning shot? Not necessarily, as shown by the winning entries of the
Landscape Photographer of the Year competition over the past eight years. We
talk to six successful entrants about their choice of camera

India has some of the most colourful and chaotic cities in
the world, but what do the streets look like when the inhabitants sleep and
darkness descends? Gavin Evans explains how he illuminates India’s shadowy
world at night.

This week’s news

  • Leica boss quizzed about T system
  • Jessops launches
    sensor-cleaning service
  • Photographers under fire over protected bird
  • Amateurs
    star in Royal Navy contest

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