Durst enlarger?s UK distributor Tetenal has confirmed that it no longer has any stocks left following news that Durst has stopped making them after 70 years.

Durst recently axed production of enlargers after sales shrank from an annual peak of 107,000 to an all-time low running into just three figures.

Based in Brixen, Italy, Durst Phototechnik AG has been making enlargers since 1936, during which time it filed more than 500 patents for enlargers. Production peaked at 107,000 in 1979.

?The rapid spread of minilabs and improvements in the service provided by the imaging sector caused a gradual drop-off in production from 1982 onwards,? said the company in a statement released by management.

Durst confirmed that accessories and spare parts will still be available for ?some years to come?, via its online store.

Tetenal?s UK sales managers told AP that they are only aware of the odd dealer now selling new Durst enlargers in this country.

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