Thirty-six per cent of soon-to-be-married couples do not want a professional photographer to feature in their wedding plans, according to a poll of 1,000 UK consumers by Cheshire-based wedding venue Heaton House Farm, which says the use of a professional wedding photographer is ‘in decline’.

‘One in three are instead tasking a camera-savvy family member or friend to do the job,’ said Heaton House Farm, whose marketing manager Sarah Heath added: ‘We are definitely noticing an increase in the number of couples who are holding weddings and opting not to pay for a professional photographer on the day.’

She said the rise in photography social media sites and editing apps has made photo skills ‘much more accessible’.

‘What’s more, these channels are acting as a portfolio for individuals, meaning that more people are beginning to notice loved ones’ talents that were previously hidden.

‘This has led to an increase in people opting to invite skilled family members and friends, who they can pose in front [of], while feeling totally at ease to photograph their special day.’

One in three couples who plan to marry in 2016 are set to use a GoPro camera – to record their big day as a short movie or share on social media, according to the research.

However, the poll also revealed that one in five respondents who has used a non-professional wedding photographer in the past three years were ‘disappointed with the results’.