Fotango?s internet-based photo processing and printing service is to close on 14 July.

Formed in 2000 – and bought by Canon Europe a year later – Fotango Ltd boasts the title of having the ?first European website to offer convenience of online photography and the quality of true photographic prints?.

In an interview with AP Fotango?s chief marketing officer Koby Amedume claimed that the photo side of the business is still profitable but admitted that ?it takes a lot of resources to stay competitive in that market?.

Based in London Fotango prints images uploaded by customers to its website at The company also offers a film d&p service.

The company says it plans to focus on its business-to-business website and software development activities which, the company tells us, accounts for 85% of its business.

Fotango customers are being offered the chance to transfer their account to online photo service PhotoBox, provided they agree to do so before 11 August.