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John Hughes

Picture credit: John Hughes/Crown Copyright

A soldier assigned to a military intelligence battalion has won this year?s Amateur Army Photographer of the Year title, as judges praise the high standard of non-professional entries


Staff Sergeant John Hughes triumphed with his pictures of Army training exercises in Germany, bagging him a trophy, plus £300 donated by Amateur Photographer magazine.

Hughes, who uses a Canon 5D Mark II, said he first became interested in photography in 1991, prompting him to take a course in Cosford, Shropshire.

Such were his talents the Army despatched him to Northern Ireland where he worked as a photographer in the early 1990s.

Hughes said he favours portraits: ?They have got to be candids. I don?t like them stage-managed,? he told us after the presentation ceremony at the Imperial War Museum in London yesterday.

Command Master Photographer Fiona Stapley praised the standard of this year?s amateur photos, telling us there were more entries and the picture quality was higher than before.

Meanwhile, this year?s Professional Photographer of the Year title was awarded to Corporal Gary Kendall for images captured in Afghanistan.

Also among the victors was Corporal Isworchanra Rai who won Best Sporting Image, amateur category, for a shot of Gurkha Wrestling. Organisers say they believe this is the first time a Gurkha soldier has won honours in the competition.

Sergeant Mike Fletcher clinched the Best Overall Image for a portrait entitled ?Craigy?. He collected the Corporal Gilyeat Cup, plus a £1,500 pair of Swarovski binoculars for his efforts.

The Army Photographic Competition pulled in more than 500 photos from 53 entrants.


Gary Kendall

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John Hughes

Picture credit: John Hughes/Crown Copyright

John HughesArmy Amateur Photographer of the Year Staff Sergeant John Hughes, pictured at the Imperial War Museum presentation ceremony yesterday

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Picture credit: John Hughes/Crown Copyright


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