Adobe has announced a range of interesting updates to its Creative Cloud suite of photo/video editing tools and more. Some of the biggest changes affect Adobe Camera Raw, the raw-editing power plant that is a key part of Photoshop as well as Lightroom (where it has a more user-friendly and adaptable front end but is essentially the same thing).

As well as a new, improved interface for Camera Raw, you can hide the names of images on thumbnails to make the preview bigger, and move thumbnails to the side of the main preview or along the bottom of the screen. In addition, the crop tool has been improved to make it easier to see rotated images.

Specific to Lightroom is a new Hue control as part the local adjustments tools, enabling you to adjust the Hue using a gradient or brush during targetted editing. You can also also save out multiple versions of the same image.

In addition, Adobe launched its much anticipated Photoshop Camera app last Thursday, now available to download for free on iOS and Android (sorry, Huawei users). Again, the app uses Sensei technology to add a range of interesting filter effects to your phone pictures. We’re particularly impressed with the Spectrum, Duotone and Color Echo filters, so watch out for a full review in the 15thAugust issue of AP.

You can get the Photoshop Camera app from the iOS or Android app store, and see here for more about Creative Cloud.