PNY Roll-it Micro-USB Charge and Sync Cable at a glance:

Chances are you’ll have seen a retractable USB cable that has two connectors and can be ‘rolled out’ to reveal a length of cable. They come included in a variety of devices, but are usually very flimsy, as the cable needs to be allowed to wrap around the mechanism in the middle.

The new PNY Roll-it Micro-USB Charge and Sync Cable uses the same concept, but brings to it the high level of quality we’d expect from PNY. A retractable USB cable is housed in a durable plastic outer shell that’s covered with a hardwearing flat-profile coating. Two different versions are available, sporting either an Apple Lightning connector or a Micro USB connector that’s standard for Android devices. Both allow syncing, charging and file transferring, and should you need to charge your device and transfer images you can easily use these cables to do so.

If you’re tired of having a mess of wires inside your bag, this is the device for you. Although at present PNY’s version is relatively expensive at £24.99 in comparison to similar brands, its compact design and durability make it just about the best out there.

SCORE: 4 out of 5