Lee-Filters-Field-Pouch black

The pouch has enough space for ten filters

Lee Filters Field Pouch at a glance:

For landscape photographers working in the field, a high-quality filter pouch is a must-have accessory to protect expensive filters from accidental damage. The Lee Filters Field Pouch features an excellent cover to prevent inclement weather reaching your kit and is large enough to store long 100x150mm filters. Accessing the contents of the pouch is made easy thanks to zips located down either side. With the cover unfastened, you can quickly pull on these zips to create a broader span to the internal organiser. Each filter has its own compartment for ultimate protection and the extremely soft material offers reassurance that expensive glass filters will be safe inside.

There’s enough space to store ten filters in total, but if you’d like to pack your filter holder and adapter rings in too, you’ll need to sacrifice a few compartments. The pouch comes with a useful strap to sling it over your shoulder, and is also supplied with a tripod strap for the times when your camera is locked off and you’d like to access filters instantly. Users will find it’s also possible to attach the pouch to your belt using the Velcro-fastened belt hook.

Available in black, Lee Filters also produces the pouch in a sand/tan guise for those who’d prefer a slightly lighter colour. The build quality is excellent and it’s the soft, padded internal compartments that impress most. Like most premium products, if you’re prepared to spend a little more on this pouch you’ll get a first-class product in return. It would make an excellent buy for any serious photographer working on location with 100x100mm or 100x150mm filters.


The pouch is also available in a sand/tan colour scheme

SCORE: 5 out of 5