Joby Action Bike Mount and Light Pack at a glance:

If you’re an avid cyclist and own an action camera, you’re probably used to mounting it on your bike to capture some interesting point-of-view video footage. Basic bike mounts such as GoPro’s Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Camera Mount (£19.99) are fine if all you want to do is attach an action camera and nothing else, but if you’d like a broader range
of mounting configurations you’ll want to look at a more sophisticated alternative, such as Joby’s new Action Bike Mount.

Designed with multiple attachment points, the handlebar mount allows you to set up your action camera in a number of ways, with the option to attach other accessories via its 1⁄4-20 mounts. For example, it’s possible to attach a GoPro securely to the front mount and keep the top mount free to attach a Garmin computer or smartphone for navigation purposes.

To make yourself known to other road users, front white, and rear red, visibility lights are also supplied. Both feature a 1⁄4-20 thread for quick attachment to the handlebar mount. For times when you have an action camera and computer/smartphone attached, but also want to use the lights, there’s the option to revert to using the rubberised handlebar straps that are also provided. The single LED lights are better than having none at all, but they’re not particularly bright and are no match for multiple LED bike lights specially designed for night use.

The mount itself is robustly made and certainly justifies spending the extra money if you’re keen on the idea of mounting multiple devices securely to your bike.


SCORE: 4 out of 5