Canon Lens Guru app at a glance:

  • Useful app for all amateur photographers, especially those just starting out
  • Tutorial videos
  • Free app
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices, from either Apple App or Google Play stores

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Canon Lens Guru app is solely about lenses – just from its name – but it is quite a bit more than that. In fact, it’s a very useful app for all amateur photographers, especially those that are just starting out.

The opening section is a learning hub, which has downloadable video tutorials on various aspects of photography. These include guides on macro, portrait, sports and wildlife, among other things.

The second section has example pictures of varying subject matter, with the app informing users which lenses would be ideal for capturing these types of images.

The final section is a guide on lenses that are available from Canon: landscape, macro, architecture and more. For those looking to invest in new glass for their Canon DSLR system, it’s useful to get an overview of what’s out there and get the assurance of exactly what you need.

Equally, for any other DSLR owners, regardless of brand, the app still teaches fundamentals about what kit is best suited for what situations. While the acronyms may not be the same, similar functions will be available on lenses from other manufacturers.

The app is free and available on both Android and iOS devices from either the Apple App or Google Play stores.


Tutorial videos explain various aspects of photography