While digital images can look great on a HD monitor, there’s no way to hang them on the wall. So if you want to adorn your home with some of your best photos, or perhaps gift them to someone special, you’ll need to get them printed. To this end there’s certainly no shortage of places to get your images printed – from the numerous online print services that churn out masses of cheap and cheerful prints on a daily basis, to the more professional and bespoke printing labs preferred by professional photographers on account of the superior-quality prints and products they provide. WhiteWall most definitely falls into the latter category, and has even come top in some of our printing service group tests in the past.

One WhiteWall product that recently caught our imagination is the company’s all-new UltraHD Photo Print service. This has been developed to produce the highest resolution and sharpness of any print service in its range. The service uses high-gloss Fujifilm Crystal DP II paper stock and subjects it to a complex solid-state laser exposure process using proprietary software to optimise colour intensity and sharpness. The results of this are truly stunning; prints are perceptibly sharper, with greater punch and vibrancy. Compared side-by-side with a regular print, the UltraHD prints provide outstanding colour reproduction and superior levels of detail. Make no mistake, these are prints you’ll definitely want to display on your walls. 

The UltraHD Photo Print service is available for prints of any size between the minimum 9x9cm and maximum 248x122cm. In addition the lab also offers the print service under acrylic glass. Prints are sent out securely packed in cardboard boxes, with a range of delivery times and prices to choose from. While the UltraHD Photo Print service from WhiteWall doesn’t come particularly cheap, it’s definitely worth it if you want to make gallery-quality prints of your images.

Price: £10.95 (40 x 30cm, plus delivery)