When it comes to camera support there are a number of options available to photographers, with tripods and monopods being the most popular options. Monopods are perfect for photographers on the move who can’t or don’t want to carry a tripod. While you won’t be able to shoot exposures longer than a second or so when using a monopod, they are a lightweight and compact support that allow you to shoot pin-sharp shots at slower shutter speeds or with long telephoto lenses.

A monopod is essentially a telescopic pole with a thread at the top to attach a camera or a tilting monopod head. So, while price, build quality, material and weight will differentiate one from another, they’re all essentially the same. Although, every once in a while something quite different like the Vanguard VEO AM-264TR comes along offering a unique proposition.

The VEO AM-264TR features a slightly different design to regular monopods, and the difference is at the base, where three foldable legs fitted with anti-slip rubber feet provide a tri-stand platform. A ball joint separates the four-section aluminium-alloy leg and the tri-stand, providing smooth panning and tilting while shooting. At the top of the leg there’s a soft rubber handle to improve grip in wet conditions.

Monopods are, as previously mentioned, a great option when you’re unable to carry a tripod. But another important advantage is that they can be used in confined spaces where a tripod would take up too much space or simply wouldn’t fit. The VEO AM-264TR has a maximum payload of 6kg, which means it can comfortably support a range of camera and lens combinations including some long telephotos. A maximum height of 163cm means even taller photographers will be able to shoot comfortably using it.

Price: £79.99