Long exposure continues to grow in popularity, and as it does we see more and more products launched to accommodate photographers’ requirements. In this market there is a wide range of options available at every conceivable price point. But if you’re looking for a high quality screw-in variable ND filter for landscape photography, the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND is a fantastic option.

The filter comes as part of a kit and is available in two sizes – large and small. The large filter kit includes a pair of step-up rings at 77mm and 72mm to fit the filter’s 82mm thread, whereas the small filter kit has a 67mm thread and provides 58mm and 52mm step-up rings. The large is perfect for larger wide-angle DLSR lenses and mirrorless lenses with an ultra wide-angle field of view. The small is more suitable for the majority of smaller mirrorless lenses standard DSLR options such as kit lenses and 50mm primes. In the box you also get a lens cloth and stylish leather case to protect the filter from dust, scratches and impact when not in use.

Where some variable ND filters work within a range of 1 or 2 to 10 stops making them usable in most shooting situations including portraits, the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND reduces light entering the lens by between 5 and 10 stops (ND32-ND1024) and is clearly aimed more towards landscape and cityscape photography. This is achieved by sandwiching two polarisers together, and the strength is controlled by rotating the front of the filter.

The filter is made from high quality Japanese glass with a metal surround. On its outer rotating ring the light blocking stops are clearly marked, and it features hard limits so you can quickly locate the minimum and maximum values from behind the camera. What’s more, these hard limits prevent the ‘X’ pattern that can appear when a variable ND filter is pushed too far at the stronger end and can ruin otherwise perfect images.

Price: £180 (67mm) £230 (82mm)